If I use Django hosting service, can I automatically crawl and register on the web page?

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I'm a Python beginner who wants to start studying Django.

I would like to crawl the web page once a day and update it to the web page made by Django.

You don't have to use Django.

Example) Crawling Naver movie rankings at 8 p.m. every day and updating them on my web page.

I used to google crawl a little bit, but it's still early.

To sum up...

Question 1) Is it possible to run a Python program with Django (crawling program)

Q2) Should I use Django hosting or server hosting?

I'm asking how to study in the future.

python django

2022-09-20 15:37

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Since Django is also a Python program in the first place, theoretically, you can run the Python program anywhere you can turn Django. After import the program you created, you can call the controller appropriately. It's easy, right?

The problem is the nature of the program's work, but it's scheduled for a particular website crawl. For hosting companies, if they allow things like "open external files" and "cron jobs" easily, there is room for the hosting server to become a hotbed of illegal activities, so there are restrictions on permission. (At least PHP hosting is.) I don't know what Python hosting is like. Try to see if Run Shell or something like that. If this is allowed, there is no problem, but in the worst case, it may not be possible to want it due to such security issues.

2022-09-20 15:37

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