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If I enter it as above, is it correct that it becomes a selling order at the same time as the purchase order? The result wasn't sold out I don't know if the code is wrong or if the order was not made because of the wrong price or quantity input.


2022-09-20 15:42

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Request an order at the specified price. Next, we will sell 20 ripples for 600 won in the won market.

print(upbit.sell_limit_order("KRW-XRP", 600, 20))

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If you look at the document, buy_limit_order() and sell_limit_order() make a 'request'. A request can be accepted or rejected. Even so, it can be reasonably inferred that the purchase/sale will occur only for the 'designated price'. If you look at it like that, you can see that the conclusion, "Was it not sold because the code was wrong?" is a little hasty.

In the context, I don't know much about coin trading, but if you look at the document, it seems that what you want is Market price immediately signs the transaction .

I think you should ask the person who created the library or Upbit.

2022-09-20 15:42

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