When you delete the xlsx file column using openpyxl, can't you pull the whole thing like deleting it in Excel?

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Using openpyxl, ws.delete_column(1) Deleted 1st row as . There was a slight problem with the saved xlsx file.

"B1" and "C1" were combined before After performing ws.delete_column(1), These merged cells are not pulled to 'A1', 'B1'

With "B1" and "C1" combined, only the data inside the cell was pulled It's all wrong

Even if it's not Python or openpyxl, When changing the Excel file with coding, Like deleting it in Excel Is there a method to delete rows or columns?

python openpyxl

2022-09-20 15:48

1 Answers

Use xlwings to manipulate the Excel itself

2022-09-20 15:48

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