Python unindent does not match any outer indentation level error.

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import random as rd

                   class Vocabulary:

                        def __init__(self, wdict):

                            self.words = wdict.copy()
                            self.untrained = set(self.words)

                        def renew(self):

                   = list(self.untrained)
                            self.untrained = set()

                        def target_keys(self):


                        def check(self, key, value=None):

                            if key not in self.words:

                                return None

                            if value is not None:

                                if self.words[key] == value:

                                    return Ellipsis


                            return self.words[key]

                        def shuffle(self):


                    wdict = {}

                    while True:

                        line = input ("the spelling and meaning of the word to be registered/memorized: ")

                        tokens = line.split()

                        if len(tokens) != 2 :


                        wdict[tokens[1]] = tokens[0]

                    voc = Vocabulary(wdict)

                    while len(voc.target_keys()) > 0:

                        print("\nWords to memorize:", voc.target_keys())

                        nQNA = int (input ("number of questions and answers by word: ")))


                        for index in range(0, nQNA):


                            for meaning in voc.target_keys():

                                Which word means answer = input("" + meaning + ""? ")

                                word = voc.check(meaning, answer)

                                if word is Ellipsis:
                                    print ("Correct")

                                    print ("The answer is ' + word + '")


                    print("\nWord learning is over.")

I wrote the source code exactly as it was in the book, but from the wdict={} part, the error 'unindent does not match any outer indication level' appears continuously. I think it's an indentation problem, but I wrote it exactly as it was in the book, but why do I keep getting this error?

Aside from having a lot of problems with the textbook, how can I fix it? I'd really appreciate your help!

python error indentation

2022-09-20 16:21

1 Answers

Make sure that spaces and tabs are not used interchangeably, and that the indentation by syntax is consistent.

2022-09-20 16:21

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