Python-related concept questions 1. Meaning of the list as dir 2. Meaning of str, int as class

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Hello, I'm an introvert to Python.

Recently, I've been coding through various questions and studying Python concepts, and I'm leaving a question like this because I have a question. I'm sorry it's a bit of a gruelling question, but I'm very curious from the point of view of the introduction.

For example, if you apply the dir function for a str type, the following list appears:

I wonder what exactly the lists mean here. (I understand the related method through Googleing, but I only feel it, so I'd like to hear a more detailed explanation.)

Also, I wonder exactly what is the difference between '__ being pasted back and forth' and 'not'.

If you enter the type function, it says class : str, but str or int is also called class. From the beginner's point of view, it's just an integer, a string, but I don't understand what class means, so I'm asking you a question.

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2022-09-20 16:23

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