To write break or continue within Python function (continue not professionally in loop error)

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def inputUser(table, cnt):
    x = int (input ("Enter the following number of x coordinates: ")))
    y = int (input ("Enter the following number of y coordinates: ")))

    #Check the coordinates entered by the user
    if board[x][y] != '':
        print("Invalid Location".")
        board[x][y] = 'X'
        cnt += 1

def main():
    cnt = 0
    flag = True
    while flag:
        inputUser(board, cnt)
        flag = computer(board, cnt)


Like the above code, there is a while statement in the main function, inputUser function in the main function, and there is a while statement outside the inputUser function. In the process of defining the inputUser function here, the 'continue not successfully in loop' error appears when writing continue because there is no repeat statement within the inputUser function. How can we solve this?


2022-09-20 16:27

1 Answers

It would be impossible to use break or continue within the inputUser function for the reason you mentioned. And we can return the value we want when the function ends with a return. So this is possible.

if condition:
    return True

//in the main's while
while flag:
     if inputUser():

2022-09-20 16:27

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