I have a question for Python restrictors.

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class PayGildong:

    def __init__(self):
        self.day = 25
        self.__pay = 1000000

    def setPay(self, pay):
        self.__pay = pay

    def getPay(self):
        return self.__pay

gd = PayGildong()

gd.day = 14
gd.__pay = 800000

print(gd.__pay, gd.day)

When you do this, it seems that gd.__pay = 800000 should have an error, but I wonder why it is output without an error.


2022-09-19 23:21

1 Answers

It would be helpful if you refer to the document below.

A "private" instance variable that can only be accessed inside the object does not exist in Python. However, there is a convention that most Python codes follow: names that begin with an underscore (for example, _spam) should be treated as non-public parts of the API.

2022-09-19 23:21

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