CPU Utilization Graph Content in win10 Task Manager

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Actually, it's embarrassing because it's not a programming question, but it's the content that programmers would know the best;;;

Oh, the text goes up because it's a security net, but the picture is not attached;;;

Windows 10 Task Manager is viewing CPU utilization.

If you look closely, there are two overlapping graphs. A dark blue graph and a light blue graph.

The dark blue disappears when the kernel time display is turned off.

Just by listening to the name,

The part that the user calculates - the calculation of the user mode is light blue,

The portion occupied by the window - does the operation in kernel mode look like dark blue?

In other words, should I understand that life support is dark blue, and other human-like activities are light blue?


2022-09-19 23:34

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on the outside of the entire dark blue line is cpu, cloudy skies and present the results for the blue line is using functions of the kernel of all use cpu cpu use ..

When a program operates an infinite loop, it uses only CPU, not kernel function, so you can see that the cloudy blue line does not increase, but only the dark blue line on the outside increases.

When a program executes kernel-related tasks such as network connectivity, file input/output, etc., the inner cloudy blue dose increases.

2022-09-19 23:34

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