Simple way to collect results when multiple Python processes are not competing

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There's a task that targets fairly large table data There are about 10 columns, 5 of which are combined and extracted, and we are working on them.

This result is

 (combination: result value (one floating point))

(  ("A","B","C","D","E" ) : 0.123 )

It's a simple form of something.

It's good to split the process, but what's the simple way to put the results of this divided process together? The order is irrelevant.

Should I put up the DB? I thought, but it's not simple.

Please recommend an easy way.

python process

2022-09-20 08:40

1 Answers

If you create and process multiple processes in one process, multiprocessing.How about using Queue?

2022-09-20 08:40

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