[Python] Getting a squeeze on the last day of the month

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base_date     id
2022-07         A
2022-07         B
2022-08         A
2022-08         B

From this data frame type of data, I want to get base_date with the last date of the month.

Sample Results

base_date    bade_date_day     id
2022-07      2022-07-31         A
2022-07      2022-07-31         B
2022-08      2022-08-30         A
2022-08      2022-08-30         B


2022-09-20 08:42

1 Answers

I'm not sure about Python or data frames, but the basic concept is simple. For example, to obtain the last day of 2022-02:

In most languages, a date-time-time zone computable implementation of "1 month plus" or "1 day minus" is provided. For example, PHP has DateTime, so:

$baseDate = new DateTime('2022-02-01');
$baseDateDay = $baseDate->modify('+1 month')->modify('-1 day');

Python might have something like this. Look it up and try it yourself!

2022-09-20 08:42

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