Crawling Questions Through Selenium

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import selenium
from selenium import webdriver
def init_driver():
    driver ='C:/Users/Who/chromedriver.exe')
    driver.wait = WebDriverWait(driver, 5)
    return driver

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Users\Who\Documents\atom\c", line 154, in <module>
    driver= init_driver()
  File "C:\Users\Who\Documents\atom\c", line 15, in init_driver
    driver ='C:/Users/Who/chromedriver.exe')
TypeError: 'module' object is not callable
[Finished in 0.902s]

Why is it like this when I keep getting the above error or the error that the webdriver is not defined while crawling through selenium?


2022-09-20 10:26

1 Answers

The command to specify the web driver is not at the top of the module.

import selenium'chromedriver path')

2022-09-20 10:26

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