How can I work on the contents in multiple folders at once?

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I'm a beginner at Python.

Maybe it's because I learned Python through Google search only what I needed then

There's no foundation <

To ask you a question,

We set up a Python workspace and use it

My .py files are gathered in Python Project

The directory is set to pythonProject and is coding.

In this state,

Make another folder in the subfile (.idea), and in it, an Excel file called new

When you want to load, is there only a way to change directories? TT

Even if I search, I can't find the search results because I'm a beginner

Summary: Using python Project as a working directory, but still using the excels in subfolders Can I get him?


2022-09-20 10:42

1 Answers

open(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)) + "\\.idea\\" + "new")

Are you talking about this?

2022-09-20 10:42

If you have any answers or tips

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