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It hasn't been long since I started Python, but it's not working out at all. Help me!

python list

2022-09-20 10:51

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l1 = ['I like', 'I love']
l2 = ['fan cake', 'kiwi juice', 'espresso']

for front in l1:
    for back in l2:
        print(front, back)

You can access elements in the list in the form for in.

arr = []
print('Enter 5 numbers :')
for _ in range(5):

print('Hap:', sum(arr))
print('Average:', sum(arr)/len(arr))
print('Max:', max(arr))
print('Min: ', min(arr))

You can also use the method given in the problem.

I would like you to study more about the list data type :D

2022-09-20 10:51

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