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The body of the question.

Given a string, write a revers_words() function that returns a string that reverses each word in units of spaces. However, it is assumed that the input string is given without a line break.

def reverse_words(s):
  Lyrics = "Rabbit, where are you going?"
  rev_lyrics = "Are you a kittosan yakitori?"  
  splitStr = s.split(" ")
  splitStr = list(map(lambda x: x[::-1], splitStr))
  return print(" ".join(splitStr))
assert reverse_words(lyrics) == rev_lyrics

I tried it like this, but it didn't work, so what should I do?


2022-09-20 10:52

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I have the text of the question, but there is no expected result. I received s, but it is declared, so I understand that lyrics should be changed to rev_lyrics.

If you have each word divided by a space, you can put that word back together.

def reverse_words(s):
    SplitStr = s.split(") # Divide by space
    splitStr = list (map(lambda str: str[::-1], splitStr)) # Flip
    "return" ".join(splitStr) # Reattach and return

If you use it well, you can write it short as follows.

def reverse_words(s):
    return " ".join(list(map(lambda str: str[::-1], s.split(" "))))

2022-09-20 10:52

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