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Only bitmap images can be loaded with additional resourcesBut it was so hard to get a bitmap image. Therefore, can we convert jpg or png files into bitmaps to load resources? Transducers floating around on the Internet keep getting errors.


2022-09-20 10:59

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If you press <Import> when you add resources>, it is inconvenient to use because you have to select the exact format of the supported bitmap image. In particular, there are many types of bitmap images, so the extension may not open even though it is a bitmap.

On the other hand, pressing <New> opens the edit bitmap screen, where you can copy the contents of the clipboard. So you can easily create a bitmap file by copying any picture file (such as PNG) to the clipboard regardless of format (for example, right-clicking a picture on the Internet and clicking Copy Image), and then pasting it (control+V) on the Edit Bitmap screen open with <New>.

In another way, if you open a file of different formats in a picture file and save it as a bitmap by saving it as a different name, the file will certainly open on the MFC.

2022-09-20 10:59

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