How can I check the github storage download log?

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The record of downloading the repository using the git clone command from GitHub Record downloaded storage by pressing the Download ZIP button on the GitHub web page.

For the two cases mentioned above, you must output a log record. Is there any way I can print it out by myself or ask for a log from github?

I'm falsely accused by a small business. I think I can prove my unfair situation with this data. Please help me..

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2022-09-20 11:07

1 Answers

Working with the git clone command or the Download ZIP button on the web page only provides a copy of the repository and does not affect the repository itself. I think it will be difficult to get a record of clone or download in a personal way. I think downloading a file stored on a GitHub server is possible only by accessing it through SSH or https. I don't know much about this, but I hope it will be a clue.

Also, we recommend you to request the provision of records by email to GitHub inquiry. I also requested the restoration of a repository that was accidentally removed in the past, and it was successfully restored.

I hope the situation will be resolved in a good way.

2022-09-20 11:07

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