Question to put 'to record the first number 0 when saving Excel csv

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As far as I know, if the csv extension itself has a value of 01100, it does not recognize the format, but only the value is recognized as a number and stored as 1100.

I understand that you put '' in front of you to prevent it. If cell A1 had 01100, I thought it would be recognized as 01100 by entering the formula "&A1" in cell B1, copying the value of cell B1 back to cell A1, and erasing and storing cell B1, but it seems to be recognized as 01100.

How do I make it look like 01100 in the csv file?


2022-09-20 11:08

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If you write a CSV file in MS Excel, there are ways to set the cell value to ="01100" or specify the format as text, but if you save it as it is, it will appear to be 1100 when you open it again in Excel.

Because CSV doesn't save the format.

I don't think there's a particular way.

2022-09-20 11:08

2022-09-20 11:08

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