I'd like to ask you about the program study order.

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I'm trying to make and use programs that can be used for work with Python while looking at examples on the Internet, but I feel that there's a limit to copying and inserting code, so I'm going to study properly. It's my first time doing a program, so I'm posting a question because I'm curious about the order and how to study to study. I want to make a document control program such as Excel and pdf, and I want to make Gui, so please tell me the order and method of study.


2022-09-20 11:36

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First, choose a language, and slowly make the basics of the language your own by organizing grammar and basic usage in a blog-like space while looking at the official guide of the language.

Then, whether it's an app or a web server, you can set goals and find out what additional technologies are needed to realize them, and then you can organize them and learn them over and over again, and at some point you get a sense of what you need to make.

You can't learn anything from copying and pasting unless you're a genius. We're not just copying and pasting, but we're going to have to dig into why the pasting code looks like this.

I think blogging is the best way to dig in.

2022-09-20 11:36

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