How do I automatically move to the main page when I go to the login page from the main page to the address bar after django login is completed?

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. 저 위에 사진이 저희 django로 만든 저희 sns 메인 페이지 입니다. Be in a state. But in that the address bar to user login If you enter a (Login html). To login screen. 로그인이 되있으면 로그인화면에서 자동으로 메인페이지로 다시 돌아오게 하는 방법이 있을까요??



2022-09-20 11:40

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The example you mentioned is a trap that you miss once when you make access control from scratch. It's a very good phenomenon.

Being logged in means that your account information is stored somewhere and you use it. For example, if your account information is not saved in on the main screen of SNS, you will be redirected to the login. You've already done that, haven't

Then, apply it to the login screen so that if your account information is stored in somewhere else (such as the confirmation/correction screen of your personal information). It's simple, isn't it? Keep going!

2022-09-20 11:40

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