As a computer science major, I still don't have any proper development projects due to my shameful but dismal school life and development skills. Help me!

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Hi, everyone I am a graduate of the Department of Computer Engineering at OO University in Daejeon.
It's already been over 7 years since I graduated. ㅠ;;;;
After graduating, I studied for development little by little, and eventually I had no choice but to get a job in a field that was not related to development. ㅠ;;;;
Since 2015, I have been working hard and making money through contract and regular jobs, so I have moved away from my original major, computer (development).
Then, at the end of August 2021 (this year), I was forced to leave the company where I worked as a full-time employee due to health problems and stress.
I always wanted to be a developer in my heart while working.
But... I'm a total beginner in development;; There was no progress. ㅠ;;;;
The development languages that I have learned and studied personally through college, state funding, self-study, etc C language (MFC, C++, Visual Basic 6) / Java / JSP & Servlet / PHP / HTML / Android / Database (Oracle) / and so on. I couldn't create any proper projects. I think I understood most of the basic grammar of the developed language. However, I am very worried because the period of rest for a while is long due to the period of working and recovering health!!!
The biggest problem is that if you try to create a project using the basic grammar you've learned, it doesn't work. It has not been properly applied and has not been able to proceed with the development until now.
I took a break from studying for development for about 5 years. Recently, I've been trying to recall little by little.
To create one project, it's harder to combine it with other things because you can't do it with just one development language. ㅠ;;;;
I know that the new Maginot line of developers I've heard from a long time ago is 36 years old. By the way, I'm that age right now. So I'm even more worried. Still, the development is so good and I don't think I can give up, so I want to practice hard by myself and succeed as a technology start-up even at a late age. Even if I don't have skills, I always think that I can be recognized by people if I only develop well and the results are good.
One of my strengths was to find errors that came out during development practice when I was in college and solve them as quickly as possible. That's the best advantage and the reason why I like development. There's a sense of joy (?) that you can feel when you catch an error. So it was fun.
It's late, but I can't give up. I really want to improve my skills. There are many big and small ideas, but I'm frustrated that I can't see the light due to lack of skills. Please help me~~~ ㅠ;;;;

2022-09-20 14:30

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There is a division called QA (Quality Assurance) Engineering. As part of the R&D division of application software, it is to test the program to be served and to discover functional problems and code errors. The QA engineers I saw have knowledge of computer engineering, but do not write codes. Instead, it uses that knowledge to specifically confirm that the average consumer is vaguely reporting a "bug." What is the error, whether it is the error, how can you reproduce the error, etc. And then he goes, "Oh! This is definitely a bug!" It looked very rewarding. As far as I know, this department is always in a job shortage, so if you apply for the right place, new recruits will be able to start.

Of course, it is too much to do "technology start-up" as a QA. But if you become a founding member of a company and it happens to be a technology company, you could call it a technology startup. Whether it's a technology start-up or whatever, start-up itself is such a big business. In short, let's look back on whether the time has come to do what we call the so-called "compromise with reality."A lot of your writing is about regretting what you've studied and dreams you want to achieve, but if I'm in my 30s, shouldn't we know how to distinguish between sunk costs and living and dreams?

I hope you've listened to everything properly so far. I could have suggested a couple of personal projects to "practice hard on my own," but I wrote them down to talk about something more important. Then take your time to think about it.

PS. You don't have to say you're from a local university. If you really want to make a living with technology, get rid of the habit of raising academic background now.

2022-09-20 14:30

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