Can we play the initial consonant game with Python?

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Can we make an initial consonant game with Python?

First of all, I made a code that only subtracts initial consonants from words.

I want to make a game, but what do I do with the code?


2022-09-20 14:37

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It's such a basic example, so I think I'll hurt my pride if I make a code for you.

dae_dab = None
jung_dab = 'forsythia';
Hint = get_choseong(jeong_dab) # You can use the code you made.

print("Hint is " + hint + "! What's the answer?")

While Dae_dab is not Jeong_dab : # Unless the answer is correct, it must be
    da_dab = input() # Take the input as an answer

print("Correct! The answer is "+jeong_dab+")

2022-09-20 14:37

import random

def getHint(win):
    ''' a function that obtains initial consonants from words
    return "Hint"

def selectTheme(theme):
    if theme == 1:
        return plants
    elif theme == 2:
        return animals

plants = ["Forsythia", "Azalea", "Pine Tree"]
animals = ["Cat", "Tiger", "Lion"]

they = input ("Choose a theme (plant: 1, animal: 2)")

items = selectTheme(theme)

win = items[random.randrange(0,len(items))]

hint = getHint(win)
print ("Hint is " + hint + "")

answer = None

while answer is not win:
    answer = input ("What is the answer?")

print ("Congratulations, you got it right")

2022-09-20 14:37

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