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I just started learning coding.
I want to make a homepage by referring to the school lunch menu as a link, but the link to the homepage can be easily done using the href function Link (I have my own system made by the school, and if you log in to it and go in, you can see the menu. I tried to copy the link, but it didn't go to the link in the system, but the system login page came out...) I couldn't see it. Are you referring to what's in the system like href?Can I click it and see it right away? I just started learning... It's hard to ask questionsㅠ;;
#To sum up
##Can I use the href function that refers to the homepage to get the link in the login system? This is...

html href

2022-09-20 14:55

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Short answer: No.

Long answer:

How on earth does a school-made menu of its own systems finally show up to the questioner? First of all, the diet data will be stored somewhere, and the school system will take the stored contents and draw them in a table and show them. But now you have to "login" to do that, and when you can't log in, you have to display a screen where you log in.

So how does login work? It's to hold the person who wants to enter the school system at the door and find out if they have a student ID. If you have it, you let it in, and if you don't, you go and make a student ID (join membership), or you send it back to get a student ID reissued (login). Typically, what is called a "cookie" corresponds to the "student ID" here.

So what should I do to see the menu on the homepage that I made? It's a long story. You should build a new tteokbokki restaurant in front of the school gate, know at least one student at the school, and that student should go to the school to check his ID whenever the owner asks, ask the cafeteria, or see if there is a menu posted somewhere else. Only when the student comes back to the tteokbokki place will the owner know the menu, so that he can make it pretty and put it on the doorstep of his store. Then you can show the menu when customers at the tteokbokki restaurant click on the href link that says "school menu."

Can I do this? You can do it in theory. But in reality, it's so annoying and difficult that you can't even look at it. So the short answer is as above. If you still can't give up, try searching "Web Scraping" and studying what comes out.

2022-09-20 14:55

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