I want to try Kiwoom Securities api, but I can't install the module.

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https://jackerlab.com/kiwoom-api-default-dev-guide-get-data/ I'm following the web page above.

import sys from PyQt5.QtWidgets import * import KiwoomAPI

I think we need a module like this.

That's why If you install it with a pip, it says it's already installed If you install it with conda, it says that the packages cannot be found.

Even if you try running it

It only says that the module cannot be found.

Please answer how to install it in Anaconda.

2022-09-20 15:09

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If you are talking about import Kiwoom API code, Python does not have an official module called KiwoomAPI. Look at the part of the file structure on the site you uploaded the link to.

File structure
b KiwoomMain.py

That's what it says. It's to make two files and write them. The executable is KiwoomMain.py. If you read the link carefully, the KiwoomAPI.py code is written on it, and the KiwoomMain.py code is written separately. You create a KiwoomAPI.py file, load it from the KiwoomMain.py file, and run it. As you know, it is a module = file. (As you know, I write it down because I think you might be mistaken based on the question.)

2022-09-20 15:09

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