Can I know how to download url address in JavaScript link?

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9.2 Auction business trip details (Internet) in the post.I'd like to download the xls file. However, it is difficult to download because the general address is JavaScript file download. I'd like to ask for a downloadable source.

Below is the source part of the download file.

<a href="javascript:file_download2('hshanu', '5192897');">                                             
   <img src="/Web-home/common/images/filetype/xls.gif" alt="">
   9.2 Auction business trip details (Internet).xls

python javascript

2022-09-20 15:11

1 Answers

This is also a very lucky case. As you can see, by writing an inline JavaScript in the href attribute, the global function file_download2() is executed when clicking the link.

Then we can find out about window.file_download2. Let's turn on the developer tool, open the page, and type file_download2 on the console.

You can now infer how you can receive this file.

2022-09-20 15:11

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