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[Laughing]Why the variables in the init function once again

self.What's the reason for changing it like name = name...?


2022-09-20 15:17

1 Answers

self.in name = name self on the left.name is a variable called name in the object. self.in name = name The name on the right is not the name in the object Second parameter name in constructor function _init__(self, name, hp, speed).

When declaring an object, use the constructor function Unit("Marine", 100, 50) I'd declare it this way At this point, "Marine" is passed to the second parameter name of the constructor function _init__. This value should be stored inside the object and handed over for the purpose of continuing to use it should be stored inside the object. To do that, self within the constructor function.name = name to self.Declared the name variable and stored the value of the name taken over as a parameter.

2022-09-20 15:17

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