c. Production of language image processing programs

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(Not necessarily in c language)

(Problems you are trying to solve: Record the chat app. Then the more you chat, the more active you're going to be, right? Like Kakaotalk. And I want to make a program that automatically detects the nickname of the person who is chatting and blinds it in black.)

For example, there are people named A and people named B. The specific requirement of the chat app is that the nickname must be followed by a special character called # Therefore, the user who will use this blind processing program will write down the nickname to be blinded. There will be # after the nickname, so there will be no other variable, right? (# cannot be included in the chat app user's nickname.) Only English is possible without special characters.) I'm thinking of filtering it like this.

Put mp4 (which will support other video formats) that recorded the chat app in the blind program I want to write down the filtering method and then blind it.

Uh, I don't know if I can write a program like this in C language without having a clue.

Which Google keyword should I search for? Or please give me some advice.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for reading it.


2022-09-20 15:18

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Which Google keyword should I search for?

The service you're talking about is identifying text from the video and processing it properly. I think video OCR is one keyword and video modification is another keyword. In theory, if you go through all the frames, if you find the text in question, you can fill in the detected area with black, and you can save those frames.

2022-09-20 15:18

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