There was a problem comparing the value received through request.getParameter with the normal string...

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String stx = req.getParameter("stx"); System.out.println("stx: "+stx); if(stx == "rcontload") { service.contentload(reportno); };

When I received the value from the previous page, System.out.println ("stx: "+stx); when you print this part out, It is output to stx: rcontload.

So if you look at the if statement below, it should be stx == "rconload" true, but it appears to be false..

I wonder why the stx received as a parameter is not the same even though I saved it as a String.<

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2022-09-20 15:19

1 Answers

I found it!

No errors appear when compared using the equlus() function!

2022-09-20 15:19

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