I want to scroll through the page and press the button while crawling using selenium

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I'd like to get the webtoon details of Kakao webtoon.

However, to view detailed information, you must enter the webtoon list and scroll through the page to create a work information button.

When you run it as below, it scrolls down but the button is not visible.

from selenium import webdriver
import time

driver = webdriver.Firefox(capabilities=None, executable_path='driver path') #webdriver

driver.get('https://webtoon.kakao.com/content/%EB%B0%94%EB%8B%88%EC%99%80-%EC%98%A4%EB%B9%A0%EB%93%A4/1781') #kakaowebtoon link

options = driver.find_element_by_xpath("//div[@id='root']/main/div/div/div/div[1]/div[3]/div/div/div[1]/div/div[2]/div/div[1]/div/div/div/div")
driver.execute_script("arguments[0].scrollIntoView(true);",options) #scroll down

#driver.execute_script ("window.scrollTo(0,900)") #Not scrolled

How can I press the Details button?

Webtoon link

selenium python

2022-09-20 15:31

1 Answers

Do we need to use selenium?

import requests

url = 'https://gateway-kw.kakao.com/decorator/v1/decorator/contents/2119/profile'
with requests.get(url) as r:

2022-09-20 15:31

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